Welcome to Cristina’s Garden, a haven for plant lovers nurtured by generations of green thumbs. As a third-generation grower with a lifelong passion for plants, we are thrilled to share our expertise and offer you a wide selection of stunning plants.

From the earliest days of our childhood, we were fortunate to accompany our dad to his nursery, where our journey into the world of plants began. As we grew, so did our appreciation for the beauty and wonder that each plant embodies. Now, we proudly carry forward the expertise and dedication that has been passed down through generations.

At Cristina’s Garden, we specialize in an array of botanical delights. Our nursery is home to an extensive collection of succulents, house plants, and ground covers. We carefully select and grow each plant, paying attention to their unique needs and characteristics, so you can confidently bring home green companions that will flourish under your care.

We invite you to explore our carefully curated collection, discover new botanical treasures, and experience the joy of fostering a thriving green oasis in your own corner of the world. From cuttings that hold the promise of new life to bare root plants ready for you to shape and nurture, we are excited to be a part of your plant-filled journey.

With heartfelt gratitude,